hold.earth unites and supports all facets of voluntary carbon market


We help organizations make informed and impactful decisions.

We do this by assisting with the development of strategic internal reduction programs and by ensuring that offsets actually support meaningful projects.

CO2 offset buyer

We help develop, scale, and support Impact Projects via partnerships, innovative financing, technology, certification and expert advice.

For organizations we offer a full suite of advisory, accounting, and offsetting services
  • Establish strategic emissions reduction strategies
  • Calculate offset requirements
  • Develop cost saving internal reduction strategies
  • Offer forest sponsorship and investment opportunities
  • Provide certified high quality emission offset credits
  • Assist with reporting
  • Advise on effective communication campaigns
  • Provide API integrations for online checkouts
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Investors gain access to a rapidly growing market
  • Source and scale rewarding projects that are socially and environmentally impactful
  • Benefit from the transparency and liquidity provided by blockchain
  • Generate yield (CO2 offsets) through certified nature backed NFTs
  • Bring Defi resource pooling structures to the carbon market
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Impact Projects receive immediate and long term support
  • Obtain financing for current and future projects
  • Develop long term partnerships
  • Guidance in project development, certification, and measurement
  • Benefit from consultation on best practices
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hold.earth’s powerful blockchain technology
  • Ensures the authenticity of certified carbon credits
  • Easily integrates measurement, reporting, AI, and remote sensing data
  • Increases access and liquidity of carbon markets
  • Enables the development of nature backed currencies
  • Utilizes an energy efficient proof of stake protocol