Organizations provides everything organizations need to develop and implement a comprehensive emissions reduction program.

  1. We partner with trusted sustainability specialists who assist organizations with performing environmental assessments. This process will calculate your environmental footprint and can identify approaches to reduce costs by improving internal efficiencies.
  2. We specialize in sourcing high-quality carbon offsets as well as offsets that yield a broader range of benefits in alignment with the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals. This helps our clients make a meaningful impact.
  3. We provide sponsorship and investment opportunities that enable organizations to partner directly with high-impact projects. Such partnerships facilitate the development of sustainable nature-based initiatives that provide a multitude of benefits to local communities and the planet. This approach allows organizations make significant environmental and social contributions and can also enable businesses to offset-for-free*.
  4. We offer API solutions that enable offsets to be integrated into your online checkout. This allows your customers to offset their purchase and support an impact project of their choice that contributes to broader SDGs.
  5. We provide reporting in alignment with industry standards for the purposes of environmental accounting and offsetting.
  6. Our media network and partners can provide support with your environmental/social communication strategies.
  7. We provide transparency and traceability through blockchain solutions. On chain credit tracking and offsetting.

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